Short Term & Long Term Disability Insurance


Income Protection that pays a monthly benefit to help protect the loss of income in case of a disabling illness or injury 

What is covered

  • Issue ages 18-60
  • Maximum benefits up to $20,000
  • Total Disability
  • Partial Disability
  • Recurrent Disability
  • Waiver of Premium 
  • 2-year Own Occupation Definition
  •  Presumptive Disability Benefit 
  •  Home Modification Benefit
  •  Survivor Benefit 
  •  Vocational Rehabilitation Benefit 
  • Waiver of Premium 

Business Overhead Expense Disability


Business Overhead Expense Disability. Income (BOE) Reimburses a monthly amount of business expenses.

What is covered? 

  • Own occupation definition of disability
  • Lease or mortgage payments Employees’ salaries, wages and benefits Utilities 
  • Business insurance premiums, including property and liability insurance 
  • Accounting, billing and collection service fees 
  • Property and payroll taxes 
  • Interest payments on debts 
  • Equipment and furniture 
  • Office maintenance, janitorial and laundry services 
  • Other fixed expense 

BOP Business Owner Policy All Inclusive


BOPs include Property insurance for buildings and contents owned by the company.   

What is covered

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Electronic data liability
  • Advertising injury
  • Damages to premises rented by you
  • Medical expenses
  • Electronic data
  • Supplemental payments
  • Defense costs
  • Actions of your full time and temporary staff

What is not covered    

  • Professional services 

General Liability



What is covered?

  • Bodily Injury
  • Damage to third party property
  • Personal injury
  • Advertising injury
  • Electronic data liability
  • Medical expenses
  • Defense costs
  • Actions of your full-time employees and temporary staff

What is not covered?

  • Your property
  • Vehicles and boats
  • Personal identifiable info
  • Professional services
  • Employee injury / workers' compensation
  • Intent to injure
  • Known claims prior to start of policy

Professional Liabilty



What is covered?

  • Alleged or actual negligence
  • Defense costs
  • Personal injury (e.g., libel or slander)
  • Copyright infringement
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Temporary staff and independent contractors
  • Claims arising from services provided in the past
  • Claims and damages


What is not covered?

  • Bodily injury or property damage
  • Fraudulent acts
  • Employment matters
  • False advertising
  • Patents and trade secrets
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Other services